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Nov 14, 2012 8:00pm EST
first. that is why i turned to the rules office to ask them to do their job and assume that the fbi would comply with its obligations to keep us on the hill informed once it determines whether an investigation was necessary or a crime had been committed. >> just on that subject -- congressman gummer is calling for a special prosecutor. senator mccain wants a watergate sort of pro into this matter as well. would you get behind this type of -- >> i think the standing committees of the house, the intelligence committee, are working diligently on these issues. at this point i think that is appropriate. >> mr. speaker, are you concerned that there are some in the democratic party would like to replicate the situation -- something comparable to what you experienced with the payroll tax last year? >> we have members on both sides of the aisle do -- who have their own ideas about how to resolve this. some frankly may be more interested in politics. if we do what is in the best interest of the american people, i have confidence a decision can be resolved. >> secretary geithner said he did no
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
, the fbi and the justice department uncovered internal documents that apparently made it clear that mr. rainey and his colleagues knew that the likely flow rate was significantly higher than what congress had been told. today, i am making public a copy of the documents which i provided to the justice department in response to their request for information regarding our bp investigation. at the time that the disaster was occurring, i said that i thought that bp was either lying about the flow rate or that they were incompetent. today, we have confirmation that bp was both incompetent and that it was lying to the congress. today, the company is taking the first step towards making restitution for its misdeeds by pleading guilty to its criminal misconduct regarding the deepwater horizon disaster. i want to commend the attorney general holder and the fbi for their excellent work in bringing the u.s. government's criminal case to a successful resolution. i would urge bp to expeditiously resolve the remaining civil complaints against it, including dropping their misguided attempt to contest
Nov 16, 2012 1:00am EST
timeline. we went through representatives, the cia, and the fbi, and i think when members were able to see the time line, the sense was still the same. you have a group of extremists who took it vantage of the situation, and we lost four american lives. there were representatives from al qaeda and other groups. you had individuals with the ability to shoot mortars, and i think it shows it was a terrorist attack of sophistication. whether these people gain expertise from being in benghazi or being out there and fighting from that process, that is one thing. we are still focusing on the people who did it. we need to bring them to justice and make sure how this event occurred. so we learn from this so the american people will be protected in the future. >> what is the status of the fbi investigation? >> investigation on what? >> no lead or no witnesses to talk to? >> i think we need to have them work with the intelligence committee to attempt to identify who coordinated the attacks, and i think this is an ongoing investigation trying to get the intelligence community to keep focusing on p
Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm EST
would refer you to the fbi in terms of the process seized they they follow. the white house counsel was informed and the white house counsel brought that to the president. on sunday, -- on monday evening, the president was notified that secretary panetta had referred the matter to ig. >> but time is a news conference? >> i do not have a time for you yet. >> did the fbi uses as part of a background check on alan? >> i would -- we do not discuss vetting issues. >> that is part of the confirmation process. >> it is not part of the confirmation process. the department of justice notified the white house counsel that there may be an issue associated with general allen's nomination. was nominated to be supreme allied commander. the hearing was pending. >> who is doing this background check? >> i would refer you to justice and the fbi for far from checks? >> has this been distracting on the president on other important matters? >> this in ballston percent -- is embossed important personnel. >> how much time does it take? >> i do not have the time. who knows? this was not a great expanse of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4